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August 1983 - December 1984

The Original Route and the Actual Route varied quite a bit.

The Original Route had me going through most of Europe, head to Paris, then on to U.K., back to Paris and head to Spain/Portugal and back to Paris.

The realities of being on the road alone day after day with no one to talk to or share the sheer beauty of the surroundings made following the original route very difficult. It started with the hookup with some of my college acquaintances in Chur, Switzerland. After being on the road for close to a week, the few days I spent with them became very addictive and I longed for and sought out acquaintances when ever I could.

Instead of following the Original Route into Germany, I headed to Paris where kids from the neighboring villages resided. Their company and the strategic location of Paris ensured that Paris became the jumping off point to tour the different countries of Europe. After Paris, finished the remaining of the original Europe segment, back to Paris and on to U.K./Scotland and back to Paris and to Spain/Portugal and back to Paris.

As such the route got broken up into multiple segments and a return to Paris after each segment. Within each segment, the route taken differed from the intended route due to varying reasons, i.e. could not obtain Visa for a particular country, Youth Hostel closed for renovation, bad weather, Rider fatigue, etc.

The North American route was a complete mess as I was unable to obtain a Visa for USA for the ‘84 Los Angeles Olympics. This forced me to continue West to Vancouver where I was ultimately able to obtain a Visa for USA.