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August 1983 - December 1984

Baroda (Vadodara) - Bombay (Mumbai)

The first segment of the journey started on the morning of the 28th of August, 1983 from Shiraz B. Contractor’s (a very close family friend) house in Baroda (Vadodara) and ended at another college friend’s (Devang Kapadia) house 250 miles away in Bombay (Mumbai) that night. The next day I turned in the bike to a shipping agent to have it sent by air to Istanbul, Turkey.

The start of the journey was quite memorable, as a lot of family and friends came to see me off. Some of them accompanied me up to my village (approximately 50 miles away) which was on the way to Bombay. After saying goodbye to all, I carried on to Bombay on my own. Along the way it rained early in the evening and I pulled over and donned my rain gear. When the rain stopped, I did not put it away hoping to use it again along the way and tied it to the top of luggage rack at the back. Apparently I did not do a great job of tying it, as it was missing when I reached my friends house in Bombay.

(Luckily I had not need for one right up until Belgrade, Yugoslavia. There I had the opportunity to get another one with the help of the staff from the Auto Club of Yugoslavia.)

Bombay (Mumbai) - Istanbul, Turkey by Air via Karachi, Pakistan

Flew on PIA from Bombay to Istanbul, with a night halt (provided for by the airlines) in Karachi. Early the next day, flew to Istanbul arriving around early morning.

Note: The bike was shipped to Istanbul and not Ankara, Turkey as that was the next city shown on the Original map. Getting to Ankara would have meant delaying the trip by a few more days. As such, decided at Bombay that it would be better to start in Istanbul instead.

Detailed notes on the Different Segments of the Journey

Istanbul, Turkey - Paris, France

Paris, France - West Germany, Denmark, East Germany - Paris, France

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Paris, France - England, Scotland - Paris, France

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Paris, France - Spain, Portugal - Paris, France

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Paris, France - England

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England - Ottawa, Canada by Air

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Ottawa, Canada - Los Angeles, USA

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