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August 1983 - December 1984

The bike selected for the journey was the 250 cc Yezdi D-250 Classic as it edged out the 350 cc Royal Enfield (Bullet) and the 175 cc Rajdoot.

Even with the extra 100 cc that the Bullet provided, (which could have come in handy on such a long and torturous journey across 21 countries on two continents), its weight coupled with the difficulty in maintaining made it come in second behind the Yezdi.

The Rajdoot with it's under-powered engine was never really a strong contender.

The Yezdi provided a nice balance between power and weight, and along with its ease of maintenance took the top spot.

Summary of each bikes shown below:


Make/Model Engine Cylinder Stroke Tank Cap. Weight Top Speedd
Royal Enfield (Bullet) 350 cc Single 4 14.5 litres 163 Kg 70 mph
Yezdi D-250 Classic 250 cc Single 2 14.5 litres 53 mph
Rajdoot 175 cc Single 2 9.2 litres 116 Kg 40 mph