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August 1983 - December 1984

Once the bike selection was complete, we decided to start with a new Bike. My parents shelled out R10,000 (R = Rupees equivalent to US $1,000 in those days) for the new bike. During that time, you could not walk into a showroom and purchase a bike. One had to book a bike with the dealer and he would order it and you would get the bike when it was your turn, as there was a lot of demand for the bike. Luckily for us, a friend of a friend managed to get us a bike out of turn and in time for the preparation. The trip was starting to generate a lot of buzz in the biking community, and everyone was willing to lend a hand in any way they could to assist.

Bike preparation was one of the most critical elements of the trip, as such, a lot of time and effort were expanded in getting the bike to the right state.

The goal for the preparation was the following:

To get some of the parts mentioned above, I traveled to New Delhi to see my cousin (Cassim Ginwala - with a single L in Ginwalla) who was staying there at the time and was quite familiar with the city. Our search took us to different parts of the city but to no avail. All we could locate were replacement parts for existing bikes.

Finally he suggested that we head to Old Delhi and hunt for the parts at the used parts stores. Our search ended when we finally were able to locate the headlight from a used BSA bike. We also located turn indicators and a Fog light.