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August 1983 - December 1984

Modified Bike Pictures

Back in Baroda, I turned over the bike to our mechanic, Mr. Deepak. He worked on getting the engine fine tuned. He also replaced the following:

Headlight - I needed a bigger and better headlight and went with a used BSA headlight that I managed to find in Old Delhi.

Indicator and Fog Lights - Added Indicator and Fog Lights. Mounted the Front Indicator lights on the Headlight Mounts and the rear ones on the Luggage Rack. The Fog light was mounted on the left on the Crash Guard.

Shock Absorbers - Replace the seals to ensure that it did not leak over the long haul.

Ignition and Speedometer Assembly - Since these two are encased in the headlight assembly and with the replacement of the headlight, they were mounted next to one another behind the new headlight.

Luggage Rack fabrication - The Luggage Rack was fabricated with the help of some close friends who owned a fabrication plant (Perfect Engineering) and we were able to custom design and fabricate the luggage rack to fit the two suitcases I planned on taking. One was for clothing and the other one carried the needed spare parts and tools needed  for the trip. The racks sloped downward to the front.

Seat modification - The stock seat that came with the bike had to be replaced with seats that provided for better padding for extended driving.

AA membership - Before the trip, I got membership to the Automobile Association of India. The value provided was by far immeasurable. The membership benefits came in handy in most countries with excellent service from most Auto Clubs that I visited. The ultimate benefit came when I needed to get out of Turkey.

International Driving Permit - Obtained an International driving permit before the trip. Worked great for most of Europe. even though I had stayed in U.K. more than a month, I was not required to get a local driving license,  but in North America I had to get a local driving license in both Canada and USA with over 30 day stay.

Custom Carnet - Had to take out a Customs Carnet, which basically requires one to put down a deposit on the bike to ensure that the bike would return to its originating country.

Screen Printing - The Mobike Safari 21 logo, maps, business cards, etc. were thanks to Mr. Arun who worked very hard to squeeze our needs in-between his regular work and managed to get it done in time.

Spare wheel - After much deliberation, it was decided that the pros for the inclusion of the spare wheel did not out-weigh the cons and taking the spare wheel was dropped.